Why An Oil Furnace Heating System Might Not Work

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Have you been using your heating system ever since recently buying your house and now it doesn't work? If you don't know what type of furnace the heating system uses, you might want to find out in case the problem with the lack of heat has to do with the furnace needing more oil. This article will give you a few of the things that can lead to an oil furnace not producing heat anymore.

Something is Wrong with the Oil Valve

Your heater may not be producing heat anymore because the oil valve is not functional. The reason an oil valve is so important is because it is how oil is able to be remove from the tank to the furnace. When the oil travels through the furnace, it goes into the burner area. The oil is then joined with fire to ignite the pilot. If there isn't a pilot flame, it is possible that the oil valve is broken or jammed and need to be repaired by a technician.

There is a Leak in the Oil Line

If the oil valve is functioning, it is possible that your heating problem is due to a damaged oil line. An oil line can become cracked from normal wear and tear, especially if the previous owner of your home never invested in much maintenance for your oil furnace. The oil line may have gotten rusty and split apart. If the oil line is not in good shape, it is possible that little to no oil is making to the burner of the furnace to ignite the pilot.

The Oil Tank is Empty

It might be time for you to get the tank to your furnace refilled with oil. If you still have the contact information of the previous owner, you can ask him or her when the tank was last refilled. There is also a gauge on the furnace that can let you know if the oil is low or not, but keep in mind that the gauge can give a false reading if it is broken. If there is plenty of oil in the tank according to the gauge and all other parts are in good shape that are for oil delivery, hire a technician (like those at Martin Oil Company and other locations) to inspect the gauge to make sure it is accurate. If the technician determines that the gauge is broken, speak to an oil company about refilling your tank as soon as you can.